Most of my knives are made of damasteel, which has great strength and cutting characteristics. The only issue is that it is not stainless. The steels with high percentage of chromium (stainless steels) are impossible to forge together.
Therefore, it is necessary to wash it with hot water after use on aggressive substances (blood, salty water, some kinds of fruit juices). Do not use detergents, because some of them can cause colorful stains to appear on the blade.  Dry it carefully and when possible, oil it.

Put oil on a piece of cloth or napkin and oil all the metal parts, then wipe clean with a dry cloth (napkin). I recommend  the conservation oil called Konkor made in the Czech Republic, pharmacy olive or clove oil.
In return for the little effort put into the care of your knife you will be rewarded with excellent utility properties and the beautiful structure of damasteel.